You can find Shirley J products at the following grocery stores. Please note that each store carries different products.

Harmons Grocery Stores:
- Mugging envelopes
- Mugging canisters
- Mugging Gift Sets
- Whisk Bliss (32 oz. and 2 oz.)
- Whisk Bliss White Cheddar (2oz.)
- Gluten-Free Whisk Bliss (32 oz.)
- Gluten-Free Brownie Mix (Some locations, not all)
- Beef Bouillon
- Chicken Bouillon
- Onion Seasoning
- Pizza & Pasta Seasoning
- BBQ Sauce Mix

- Mugging envelopes
- Mugging canisters
- Whisk Bliss 2 oz
- Whisk Bliss White Cheddar 2 oz.

Participating Associated Food Stores like Macey's, Fresh Market, Dan's and Dick's
- Mugging Envelopes
- Mugging Canisters
- Mugging Gift Sets

We are also in a number of independent associated food stores. Please call our office or these stores below to get details.
Wangsgardes in Ogden
Lee's in Northern Utah
Bowman's in Northern Utah
Soelbergs in Tooele
Winegars in Northern Utah
Days Markets