Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Shirley J products?

You can find out which grocery stores carry our products by going to

Are any Shirley J products gluten-free?

Shirley J has several products that contain no wheat or wheat products and as such may be considered naturally gluten-free. However, our Cream Soup & Sauce Mix Gluten-Free Original and Mugging! Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Cake are specifically marketed as gluten-free because we have carefully formulated and produced this product for the gluten-free market. Our manufacturing, blending and storage procedures are monitored to ensure that the Cream Soup & Sauce Mix Gluten-Free Original and Mugging! Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Cake is gluten-free. In addition, we carefully test each batch that is produced to ensure that it is gluten-free. While several of our other products are naturally gluten free and contain no wheat, consumers are always encouraged to read the labels first. Modified food starches that are identified on our labels are of corn origin.

What is the shelf life of Shirley J products?

Shirley J products are meant to be enjoyed everyday for home cooking and baking. Many Shirley J products can store nicely on pantry shelves for long periods of time. Shelf life of dry food products can vary widely depending on several factors including light, heat and oxygen exposure, type and make-up of ingredients as well as packaging.

Shirley J products have a best by date printed on each package. Products used beyond the date are not guaranteed fresh by Shirley J.

Shirley J products contain no ingredients specifically designed for preserving shelf life. We recommend storing all products, unopened in a cool (less than 85°) dry (less than 25% humidity) dark place. Once opened, humidity plays a major roll relative to the stability of our products. Please keep all products tightly sealed after opening. Those living in a humid climate may expect, as with all pantry products, quicker product deterioration after opening.

Please note that people judge shelf life differently. Some products may lose some of their nutritive value and/or their appearance may change during long term storage while the edibility of the product may not have been altered.


Shelf life dates are difficult to pin down in a simple one size fits all statement.

Stock Your Pantry Items

We package all of our Stock Your Pantry food in the best quality metal storage cans available and we use an oxygen absorber packet in order to safely remove as much oxygen as possible from our food when it is packaged. To the best of our knowledge and from personal observation with many of our products we can say with confidence that, with proper handling and storage our Stock Your Pantry food items will safely store for, from a minimum of 5 years to well over 30 years.

Long term storage requires optimum conditions to ensure the products remain stable. Food should be stored in a cool, dry location away from direct sources of heat and extreme light. Bakery products tend to have a shorter shelf life.

Everyone determines shelf life differently as well.  Food that has concerns regarding longevity will generally lose color, nutrition and ultimately be compromised in performance (bread that doesn’t rise properly etc.), way before any rancidity (if any) occurs.

The very best way to make sure your food is fresh and delicious is to incorporate these quality items into your daily and weekly food plan, and replenish as needed. Shirley J uses our main line high quality products in all of our Stock Your Pantry line so you can be assured that when you open each can you will be eating delicious food that happens to store very well.

What is the Shirley J Return Policy?

Shirley J is proud to sell only the highest quality food products. We carefully inspect each of our products and their packaging prior to shipping, to ensure the highest quality product experience. Food by nature is perishable and sensitive to heat, air and light exposure. To ensure complete satisfaction with your Shirley J product please handle and store it with respect to these elements. Because of the potential for contamination from outside sources, Shirley J cannot accept any returned food products for any reason except for damage that occurred during shipping. In the event that your product is damaged in shipment we require that a photo (or photos) of the product (or products) that will show the damage be emailed, along with a brief description of the incident (dates, times, etc.) and proof of purchase, to  After the claim and photos have been reviewed and approved, we will either direct you to discard the product or return it to us using an authorized UPS return label which we will supply to you. Claims for damaged product must be received in our office within 7 days of receiving product. Credit will be issued within 2 weeks of claim approval, and will be in the same form that was used for original payment.