Mugging! Chocolate Truffle Cake Single, 4 oz. envelope

SJ Truffle Envelope.JPG
SJ Truffle Envelope.JPG

Mugging! Chocolate Truffle Cake Single, 4 oz. envelope


OUR NEWEST FLAVOR in the Mugging line: Chocolate Truffle Cake! This flavor is super chocolatey with a nice creamy tang. 

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What is Mugging!?

Mugging! is Shirley J’s exclusive personal microwave baking sensation. Now you can transform any microwaveable mug into your own personal bakery; all you do is add water, stir and zap for 90 seconds and you have a warm, fresh delicious treat, that bakes in your mug right before your eyes.

  • Start to finish in one mug
  • No more kitchen cleanup
  • No need to bake a full batch of brownies or a large cake.
  • Individualize your masterpiece by adding a few commonly found kitchen ingredients you can transform one mix into hundreds of customized treats
  • No need to heat up your oven (and kitchen) any longer
  • Delicious professional quality results every time